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#Meet the Cloud - Comitato Diritto Origini Biologiche

The  Meet, the Cloud   post series is back! Welcome to the collection of posts featuring the Italian partners' voice: constitution, members, goals, collaborations and successful activities. Today we present Comitato Nazionale per il Diritto alle Origini Biologiche (National Commitee for Right tyo Biological Origins). The Committee was formed on June 5, 2009, in Naples. The aim was to respond to the numerous requests of those adopted children not recognized at birth and ask to be represented so that the right to know their own origins. As a spontaneous movement, before being officially registered, it has carried out frequent discussions and in-depth preparatory meetings, preparatory to the formulation of a law proposal to modify Article 28 of Law 184/1983 that specifically prevents a child from the right to access their sealed birth records. All while dealing with associations of adoptive children and parents present on the national territory. The Committee has set two lines of ac

Angela Tucker's Adoptee Manifesto comes to Italy - Il manifesto di un*adottiv*

When  we shared this awesome   post ,  it was November.  At last, the time has come:  The Italian Manifesto for all Italian Adoptees is here! In 2020 Angela Tucker , the leading Adoptee Voice in the USA launched her Adoptee Manifesto .   During the year I've reached out and asked for her collaboration to realize the first AdoptCloud Project: a translated version of the #adopteemanifesto in Italian . Il manifesto di un* adottiv* Ph. credit: Angela Tucker, Design: Alissa Edel (Translation in Italian by Alessia Petrolito) Open and agender, the manifests reunite adoptee's legitimate rights and desires at once. Beyond grouping, this is about building inner peace and a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. As adoptees, we can gain a voice and a community. Angela's work does it for the USA, and I hope that this will help more & more Italian adoptees to gain awareness -  we are not just a story, our story, but we are who we are! I'm deeply grateful to A

#Meet the Cloud - Aroti Shrimati Bertelli

Welcome to the Meet the Cloud post series - a collection of posts featuring the Italian partners’ voice: constitution, members, goals, collaborations and successful activities. Today we present Blogger and Live-streamer Aroti Shrimati Bertelli , 35 years old, adopted from India at nine years old. "Hello, I'm Aroti. To my name was added a vowel, an  "O", and I have many birth dates on my records. That added "O" was too much for my life and resulted in my journey back to my origins in 2016. The journey was extremely fundamental to understand who I am, get in touch with my fragmented identity, make it tangible, free my roots from too much "Italianness", and rediscover their Indianness. Retracing the path, the places that - because of others and their haste brought me here, in Italy - I had to leave unknowingly, without saying goodbye. I took back that time, that inner space to make order inside my past, messed up by others. TAKE TIME TO DECONSTRUC

#Meet the Cloud - F.A. e G.N.

Welcome to the Meet the cloud post series - a collection of posts featuring the Italian partners’ voice : constitution, members, goals, collaborations and successful activities. Today we present Italian adoption cloudpartner - F.A. e G.N. The Association F.A. e G.N. stands for Figli Adottivi e Genitori Naturali (Adoptive Children and Natural Parents) it is the first Association in Italy of adult adopted, founded by Luisa Di Fiore, John Pierre Campitelli, and Monica Rossi . It is based in Rome but is located throughout the country and is in contact with similar associations in other parts of the world (Greece / France / United States / Holland / Spain / South Korea and India). Born as a natural evolution of the virtual community dedicated to this theme, FAeGN was founded in June 2000. Today, the Association can count over 3,000 associates and is engaged to: - Offer assistance , moral and informational help, to birth parents whose child has been taken away and given up for adoption.

Meet The CLoud

  WE MADE IT! After a long break - here I present you the CLOUD! Represented below, you can see the partners of the Adoption Cloud Project , for those who don't know there's a social cloud growing up in Italy with very much appreciated international partners. In the following months, I will focus the blog posts on presenting our Italian members - associations and their advocates, personalities and projects. Please welcome the Meet the CLoud post series - a collection of articles featuring the Italian partners’ voice: you will read about their constitution, stories, goals, collaborations and successful activities. Get ready, check out the cloud below. Adoption Cloud's Partners Arp / Speaks AtCLoud  -  Alessia Petrolito  / More on  ResearchGate © AdoptCloud 2020. Creative Commons  (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License)

Ethical Storytelling - Sign the Pledge

If you haven't heard about it yet, you should definitely check out the fantastic project  Ethical Storytelling ? Angela Tucker ( The Adopted Life Blog ) was one of the first adoptees to sign for it! Ethical Storytelling   is a community of non-profit and practitioners & storytellers learning how to integrate a new standard of storytelling.  To know more about this project and to learn how to tell stories with an ethic  visit the  website . As adoptees, we can benefit from this kind of approach, our stories deserve to be  truthfully and dignifiedly  told - spread the word. SIGN THE PLEDGE (available in  Ita  and  Eng ) Arp / Speaks AtCLoud   -  Alessia Petrolito